Good Investments Take Time.

A history in alternative asset management and boutique private equity.

Founded in 2008, our partnership is comprised of a group of highly experienced professionals from the financial and legal services industries, with substantial background in mature and emerging markets.

Our multidisciplinary team has years of “on-the-ground” deal experience in the markets and geographics that we operate in, not only in terms of advisory mandates but also in regards to direct investments.


Our collective historical results include over:


$ 975 m


transaction experience
$ 1.1 bn


AUM to date
445 m
From this vantage point, we can assess investment potential, develop powerful strategies, and implement transformational change.

Creating growth and long term stability

Our strategy is simple: create a diversified investment portfolio, both in terms of assets classes and geographic scope.

We focus on four main areas: venture capital, private equity, real estate and regulated products. Additionally, we offer investment migration solutions.

All of our investment decisions are taken with care, to better ensure liquidity for our investors during redemption periods and to better protect against market cycles in any given geographic.

Investing regionally across asset classes

We focus on Europe and its periphery, investing across a wide range of asset classes in different countries.

On all of our deals, we personally co-invest; thus aligning our goals with our investors.

We seed, manage and institutionalise with medium to long term investment horizons in mind. When we look at opportunities, we first look at whether we can preserve and grow capital across market cycles.

Respecting stakeholder interests

Every business is about people as well as the communities in which they live.

When we take an investment decision, we look at the human component. Recognising this underlying context is not just common sense. It makes for good business.

We seek to foster economic growth whilst at the same time creating a positive impact for the various stakeholders of our portfolio companies. Our investments grow alongside their communities.

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