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Creating Opportunity
About Saratoga Capital
Saratoga Capital Partners is a private equity and alternative asset management group. The partnership was founded in 2008 and was initially purposed as a mergers and acquisitions advisory and capital raising boutique.

Today, we focus on special situations, unlocking deep value from substantially underpriced assets and opportunities. To help capital raise for our transactions, we offer second citizenship / permanent residency compliant financial products, which are a useful vertical to the tax planning and family wealth needs of the discerning client.
One of the ways we unlock opportunities is by taking a hands-on role in first sourcing and then improving the companies in our portfolio.
Case Studies

License Hub

Venture capital; creating a Romanian online consumer electronics platform. LICENSE HUB is an online consumer electronics platform focused on the...
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Szczecińska Fabryka Wódek “Starka”

SFW Starka is the only licensed producer of Starka vodka, a Polish spirit distilled from rye and aged in oak barrels according to a 500 year old secret recipe. The original company was established in Szczecin...
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Reason to Invest
In today’s world, safety and opportunity are paramount. Everybody is wondering where they belong; how their citizenship will affect the future of their children. We offer second citizenship / permanent residency solutions tied to financial products that are designed to provide stable rates of return.

Our fund solutions are structured around medium to long-term investment horizons because slowly building up resilient companies can help to create better returns, stakeholder opportunity and economic growth.

Australia set to change tax residence rules

In its new federal budget, the Australian government has proposed changes to existing rules related to tax residency in Australia....

US to require disclosure of taxpayer cash-flows from all financial institutions

The Biden Administration plans to require aggregate inflow / outflow reporting from every American taxpayer's financial accounts.

America’s capital gains tax set to rise

A near doubling of the capital gains tax rate may be on the horizon. One should consider immediate action to mitigate the legislative threat.