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Szczecińska Fabryka Wódek “Starka”

To restart an existing 155 year old spirits producer and support the company’s growth into an internationally recognized brand

SFW Starka was privatized by the Polish Government in 1991, but went into receivership in 2009. In 2012, the assets were acquired by a strategic investor, Yasmia Group, which took over the factory and equipment inventory, intangible assets and trademarks.

After extensive improvements to the plant and buildings, production resumed mid-2016 with growth plans put in place alongside the company being sold to a local group. Production was again suspended in 2018 due to a legal dispute with the purchaser, which was resolved in favour of Yasmia in Q1 2020.


  • Historic site with modern production equipment.
  • Unique and sophisticated product.
  • Almost 1 million litres of aged stock.
  • Brand and IP rights.
  • Expert technical management.
  • Strategic joint venture partner required to help leverage existing positives into a global brand.

Transformative change

The key concept of the 5-year turnaround strategy is to effect financial discipline and stability, remove existing creditors and allow the technical team to focus on high-end sprit production. A Saratoga Capital appointed COO has been allocated to ensure rationalization of existing assets and expansion thereof. A CEO well versed in the drinks business has been recruited from outside to accelerate transformation.

Project Team

Steven M. Pepa, Director → bio

Rene Cürten, Principal and Project Leader → bio

Michel de Martigny, Advisor → bio

Stefan Kemball, Spirits and Wine Advisor → bio


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