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Private Placement in Orange Nebula Inc

Investing in an innovative B2B pharmacy platform

August 23, 2023. Saratoga Capital is pleased to announce its private placement in Orange Nebula Inc, a B2B pharmacy platform, partnering with chiropractic clinics and other health care stakeholders in order to handle prescription fulfillment for injured patient.

Orange Nebula is an extension of the chiropractic clinic, helping injured patients receive their prescription within 48 hours after speaking with a medical doctor through Orange Nebula’s proprietary QR code technology. The company offers two types of partnerships with chiropractic clinics by taking an ownership in the pharmacy itself or patient acquisition for the clinic.

Led by Dr. Ali Rafie, a healthcare professional in the Chicago area with 30 years of experience, Orange Nebula uses the latest technology in healthcare, along with the ability to provide medication to patients in a fast, efficient manner, effectively improving patient outcomes, as well as patients’ settlements with regards to personal injury and worker’s compensation.


  • Proven technology.
  • US pharmacies industry revenue at US$ 569.8b with a 3.7% projected annual growth through 2028.
  • Mail order pharmacy market’s value stands now at US$ 4.89b, with a CAGR 2020-2027 at 16.5%.
  • Key drivers: rising prevalence of chronic diseases, technological advancements, aging population, rising demand for specialty medications in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transformative change

“What drove Saratoga’s investment is the fact that Orange Nebula marries traditional chiropractic practices and pharmacies with telemedicine to create a profit center for clinics, with no added cost or manpower required for the clinics,” says Steven Pepa, director. “Dr. Rafie and his team have developed an extensive relationships with doctors in many different states over the past three decades. The Orange Nebula systems works well with large-scale medical clinics to help make their clinics more profitable and technology-driven, rather than manpower-driven.”

Project Team

Steven M. Pepa, Director → bio

Dr. Ali Rafie, Founder and CEO → bio


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