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MOTI Sophia

Investing in an innovative next generation learning platform.

MOTI is a next generation e-learning company that has created an innovative learning platform (known as Sophia), which combines Learning Experience (LXP) and Learning Management System (LMS) functionalities on a unified platform; offering tailored learning experience that specifically addresses the needs of learners, employers, stakeholders and trainers.

The company has already launched its Sophia e-learning product, which is being tested in Cyprus, Zambia and Kuwait. Sophia’s target geographies are the underserved regions of Eastern Europe / Balkans, Middle East and Africa (MEA); markets that collectively are estimated to grow by EUR 2.6 billion by 2026.


  • Beta-testing complete (87% approval rating in multiple markets); emerging market scalability.
  • Cost: competitive pricing due to versatile cloud-based applications, incorporating a pay-as-you use model.
  • UX/UI: attractive interface and simple navigation.
  • Forward-thinking management with extensive market experience in situ.
  • CAGR 26% industry projection.

Transformative change

The e-learning marketplace has exploded since the outset of covid-19. Competition in the e-Learning Industry is focused on the developed North American and Western European regions, expanding now into the Asia Pacific region. This provides a competitive advantage to the company, as localized competitors are highly limited in regional application.

Project Team

Steven M. Pepa, Director → bio

Andreas Savva Damalis, Principal and Project Leader → bio


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