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US to require disclosure of taxpayer cash-flows from all financial institutions

Biden Administration plans to require aggregate inflow / outflow reporting from every American taxpayer's financial accounts.

America’s capital gains tax set to rise

A near doubling of the capital gains tax rate may be on the horizon. One should consider immediate action to mitigate the legislative threat.

Will there be a future for office in fund portfolios?

With a full return to pre-pandemic office life looking unlikely, real estate investors are trying to figure out what that means for their fund portfolios.

Due Diligence Best Practices for Funds

As investment migration funds increase in popularity, it’s important that prospective investors apply the same level of due diligence that they would for a private market investment.

The day of reckoning for America’s ultra-rich

With the Biden Administration set to go after the ultra-wealthy, America's elite is poised for a series of taxable events.

America’s new 61% tax rate

The Biden Administration has proposed a new consolidated rate of 61% on wealth for those in the top tax bracket.

Options for Wealthy Nigerians

Nigerians are increasingly looking for additional options when it comes to global travel and relocation.

Chinese interest in Portugal’s Golden Visa at highest level since 2016

Chinese investors dominated the Portugal's Golden Visa program during the early years before falling to a record-low in 2020. In 2021, they are returning in force.

US Treasury Secretary argues for global minimum corporate tax rate

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen argued this week for the imposition of a global minimum corporate tax rate.