March 26, 2024

Alta do Juncal Phase 1 in Porto sold out

Phase 1 of the Matosinhos Beach development sold out; delivery in Spring 2024

September 29, 2023. Saratoga Capital is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of its Alta do Juncal project in the famous Quadra Marítima district of Matosinhos, Porto is now sold out.

The project entails a multi-phased development of late 19th century buildings in and around Rua de Brito Capelo, the historical center of Matosinhos. Phase 1 has 15 service let apartments and two commercial units in total, spread over two buildings.

Phase 1 delivery is set for Spring 2024, followed immediately thereafter with the start of Phase 2 construction. Weekly project updates are found here.

The Alta do Juncal development seeks to retain building characters, which are enhanced through the use of modern materials, addressing our instinctive desire for sensory stimulation, prestige, and identity. “Saratoga’s real estate development strategy in Matosinhos is to acquire non-listed historical buildings of character that can be re-conceptualized, providing a unique experience to the buyer and renter alike,” says Filipe Francisco, chief architect of Alta do Juncal. “Buildings have soul; you just need to know where to look, and develop accordingly.”

The Quadra Martima district is undergoing a major urban revitalization by the Municipality of Matosinhos, with new esplanades being constructed alongside the widening of sidewalks, and arrangement of facades and pavement, all in order to support new commercial spaces and restaurants. Saratoga Capital is proud to contribute to this revitalization and ever-growing neighborhood feel through its multi-phased delivery of Alta do Juncal.

A fantastic location

Traditionally a market for fresh fish caught in the Atlantic each morning, today Quadra Marítima is much more, boasting not only many Michelin Star establishments but also a bustling night life.

The area is all within walking distance of Matosinhos Beach, a well know surfing destination and enclave catering to Porto’s affluent and young alike.

An excellent investment

Rua de Brito Capelo is a mere 10 minutes by metro to Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport and 31 minutes to Trindade metro station in the heart of Porto.

The area is already demonstrating superior returns, with annual yields in excess of 8% for well thought out development projects due to significant rental interest.

To register your interest and request a brochure regarding Phase 2, please send an email to: [email protected].

Project Team

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